Small Group Classes

Fall 2016 Class Schedule

Small Group HIIT Workout – ongoing – jump in anytime

Small Group BOOT CAMPS available upon request – find your group of 4-6 friends and let’s begin!

$15/class – paid via monthly session fee – $18/single class; Drop-ins welcome.

Feel free to mix it up and try different classes. Call, text or e-mail Melissa Heston to reserve your spot for class.

Space is limited. Minimum 4 people per class. Reserve your spot today!

HIIT Workout, Tue & Thu 12noon – 1:00pm, Taught by Melissa Heston, cPT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) offers interval training with and without weights. This class emphasizes agility, balance, strength, cardio, plyometrics, and flexibility training rolled all into one hour – oh, and did I forget rest?  Includes a warm up, cool down and restorative pose at the end. It’s like an adult playground. This is a great lunch break, or good mid-day workout.  Suitable for all levels, especially for those needing a kick start to their fitness program.


Pilates “Express” Mat Class, Mon & Wed 6:45-7:15am, Taught by Melissa Heston, cPT – needs a few more students to restart



Pilates is a form of movement designed to strengthen your core (torso) while using your body as weight or resistance. The movement is controlled, integrating the use of the breath in conjunction with the resistance of the body’s weight and gravity. The mat class is sequenced to warm the body up, strengthen it, create a wider range of motion, and end with a stretch ready to start your day! This class is suitable for all levels and specifically designed for individuals needing help with abdominal, back, shoulder or hip strengthening.


Boot Camps Coming Soon! 4 day, 10 day & 21 Day – Inquire today!


360° Fitness Challenge Continues! – Ongoing, you pick any 3 months/ 12 weeks, we’ll provide the structure

Challenge Yourself, Your Family, Neighbors & Co-Workers to be the fittest and healthiest they can be! Join us for Three Months  for a fitness program and plan to guide you to a fitter healthier you.

Plan include:

  • Threshold Heart Rate Testing  – utilizing the scientific method of establishing a Heart Zones training plan
  • 360 °Baseline Fitness Assessment – conducted by Advanced Personal Trainer, Melissa Heston,CPT, BFA, MFA
  • Progressive 360° Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, & Balance Training Plan – weekly, monthly, 90 days
  • Accountability of Plan via Web, Phone conferencing and E-mail

Also includes info on Stress Management, Healthy Living, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention, among others.

$300 Fee includes –

  • Individualized Threshold Heart Rate Testing,
  • Recommendations on Heart Rate Monitors
  • Personal Workout Log Web Account
  • Access to Media and Resources for home
  • Info on Using a Heart Rate Monitor, Zoning, Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Stress Management, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention, Endurance Training, Balance, and more


360 Training Workshops by request

  • Threshold Heart Zones TrainingIt’s no longer 220-age, that’s old school. How hard should you be working? Learn about the latest info on the heart & how to use a heart rate monitor.
  • B3 – Building Better BalanceFunctional strategies to improve balance, strengthen weak areas of the body balance plays a part in, advance your knowledge on how the brain, eyes & ears send messages
  • Building Stronger BonesStrength & balance training for people with osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Fitness on a BudgetKeeping fit when you have little money to spare. Cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and balance training on a budget.

Additional classes available upon request:


Zumba is a Latin dance aerobics class for all levels. It’s a dance party, it’s a cardiovascular workout, it’s just plain fun. Zumba works on rhythm, coordination, multi-limbed movements, to heart pumping beats. Learn the basics of different forms of Latin dance while getting cardiovascularly fit. No experience necessary.

Motivating Moves for people with Parkinson’s – TBD, Call to inquire

P.O.W. Power Outdoor Workout – TBD for warmer months, Call to inquire

see also Team 360 Events & Groups

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