New! 360° Fitness Challenge & Online Virtual Training


New! 360° Fitness Challenge

Challenge Yourself, Your Family, Neighbors, Friends, Co-Workers to be the fittest and healthiest they can be! Join the 360° Fitness Challenge with the following program and plan. Competitive formats allow you and your friends to encourage each other to meet your goals through friendly, accountable, competition.

3 Month Plan includes:

  • Threshold Heart Rate Testing  – utilizing the scientific method of establishing a Heart Zones training plan
  • 360° Baseline Fitness Assessment – conducted by Advanced Personal Trainer, Melissa Heston
  • Progressive 360° Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, & Balance Training Plan – weekly, monthly, 90 days
  • Accountability of Plan via Web, Phone conferencing and E-mail
  • Competitive and Non-Competitive formats – friends, family, neighbors, co-workers

Also includes programs in Stress Management, Healthy Living, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention, among others. Guest Speakers TBA.

Fee includes –

  • Individualized Threshold Heart Rate Testing
  • Heart Rate Monitor – The Blink (if applicable)
  • Personal Workout Log Web Account
  • Access to Media and Resources for home
  • Workshops on Using a Heart Rate Monitor, Zoning(tm), Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Stress Management, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention, Endurance Training, Balance, and more.


New! 360 Fitness Challenge

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Price: $200.00

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