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New! 21 Day Fitness Challenges, CLEAN Week, 3 Day Refresh and more

Oct 23-29, 2017 – Call for details 937-901-0344

If you could test out a week of clean eating and fitness with my help for a small fee (less than dinner out), would you want in?

CLEAN WEEK is a virtual online 7 Day Challenge & can be done from anywhere on your time! My past challenges have had folks from all over the US, and people who travel. It will focus on getting our mindset right, eating good whole food, cleaning up our habits, and sticking to our workout plan through CLEAN WEEK.

What you get when you join this 7 Day CLEAN WEEK
Mon Oct 23 thru Sun Oct 29

*Daily support and accountability from me, Coach Melissa Heston – I’ve got your back! I won’t let you down and I’ll keep you engaged and motivated

*CLEAN WEEK meal plan, recipes, daily planner, shopping list

*7 Day Shakeology Sampler (Regular or Vegan), a clean whole food shake, your daily dose of dense nutrition

*Free Club Membership access to Body On Demand – the Netflix of fitness

*A private tribe/community of goal-minded individuals that will offer camaraderie, inspiration & support

*Private Facebook Group or My Challenge Tracker app – easy to use to help you stay accountable.

Clean Week is only $30!

Accountability is the #1 factor in success and that’s what you will get from me, your coach. In this CLEAN WEEK Challenge you will dive deep each day with a post directing you toward the day’s goals. Each evening you will “check in” posting to the group what you accomplished. We will track water intake, nutrition, and workouts, plus provide you with motivation, education and support.

If you like CLEAN WEEK you also have an opportunity to join our next monthly 21 Day Challenge Group, beginning Nov 6

Here are what a few 21 Day Challengers had to say about their experience:

“I lost 3.5 lbs and 1.5 inches off my bust and waist too. I can get into clothes I haven’t been able to for a long time. I feel much better, sleep better and feel more organized and thoughtful about what I eat. The shakes are a godsend to me as I’m usually running fast and make one to go for the drive to work. I’m more conscious of water intake and drink less coffee as a result. Thanks everyone. I’m staying with the program and talking to my friends about starting.”

“Gratefully I have lost 25 lbs since starting these challenges. I know this program works because I have been a witness to others making the shift and in my own experience to making the shift too. Shift in being mindful, shift in taking time out to check in, shift in doing my exercises in the am, shift in looking at food as fuel instead of a treat. Again, congratulationseveryone!”

“Its been a great feeling to fit into clothes I haven’t been able to for awhile & feel stronger in my core, arms and legs. I’ve amazed myself & I am motivated to keep working, but it is work-every day! I’ve lost about 17 lbs total since June. I want to take off at least 17 more lbs. It’s not going to be easy, but I’ll keep going with support from Melissa and all of you. Thanks for all the love these past 3 weeks! Its really been awesome! Let’s keep rocking these challenges – I’m ready!”

Don’t Delay – Sign up ends this Wed, Oct 18!


21 Day Fitness Challenge – Monthly

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Price: $160.00

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